Turkey Month – Hats

Today we are going to make hats!

What you will need:

  • Construction paper (of course ;0)
  • Scissors, glue or tape
  • And once again, all your decorative stuff you have lying in the house

This, my friends is possibly the easiest thing you will ever make!

Grab your construction paper and cut out a long enough strip and thick enough strip so that it will fit around your head. Then color it in however you want. لعبة بلاك

-          Depending on what you want on your hat, you could draw feet…. بطولة اليورو 2023 LET ME EXPLAIN!

-          You could draw the body of a pilgrim and then on the strip the feet…you get what I mean jelly beans?? ماكسيميليان إبراهيموفيتش

-          But it is up to you and your little ones what you want on your hat. And as I always say…GET CREATIVE ;0)

And that my friends, is how you can make an easy hat!

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