Turkey Month – Napkin Rings

Napkin rings You want your table to look festive and decorative. One thing that is always nice is to have are napkin rings. And instead of buying them, have the kids make them. You will need: Toilet roll Scissors Glitter … Continue reading

Turkey Month – Hats

Today we are going to make hats! What you will need: Construction paper (of course ;0) Scissors, glue or tape And once again, all your decorative stuff you have lying in the house This, my friends is possibly the easiest … Continue reading

Turkey Month – Personalized Name Holders

Welcome back to day 4! :0) Today’s craft – Personalized Name Holders Everyone knows what name holders are and how easy it is to print one out from the comp and get your kids to just color it in. But … Continue reading

Turkey Month – I Am Thankful For

Today’s craft – I’m thankful for… Get a shoe box and decorate it with your kids….Turkey style!! Have your kids write on a piece of paper everyday one thing that they are thankful for. Allow them to get creative with … Continue reading