Online Safety Tips For Kids

It is so important to start teaching your kids about their own safety. Times have changed now and we are rapidly advancing in technology and kids are experiencing things at young ages. So it’s time to talk to your kids about certain things. You’re afraid that you don’t want to take their innocence away. But the truth is, they will either hear it from you, or hear it from someone else.

First things first, you as a parent KNOW when the right time is. That is your decision to make and no one can tell you otherwise. And when you are ready and most importantly you feel it is the right time to share certain things with your kids, you will.

Safety is such a powerful word and can really be used in so many different experiences. So let’s break it down. Today let’s discuss…

The internet:

Wow, where to begin. It is so easy for a child to have access to the internet.  Kids are using it every day. They talk to their friends on it, play games on it. It is endless to the amount of things they can do on it. So how can you keep track of what they do and keep them safe? Here are some online safety tips for kids.

  • Firstly, talk to them. Explain to them why it is important that they be careful online. Let them know that the internet is a world on its own. That once you’ve put something on the internet it’s out there for life. And you can never get it back.  Let them know that people can hack into anything they have on their computers and for them to be aware of that.
  • They do have programs that you can download such as content blockers and filters. All you have to do is google that word and all this information will pop up. This will allow you to stop certain things your kids can see online. Some things will need a password and so forth. But you will have control.
  • Also you can download tracking software. This is something that will track everything your kids surf on the net. Be careful with this one. Only because you don’t want your kids to think that you don’t trust them.
  • One thing that I really want to stress on is all these online chatting websites. There are tons of them. Now kids are using their webcams and talking to complete strangers with them. PLEASE talk to your kids about this. It is so dangerous and they need to be aware. They need to know that the webcams on their computer are not to be used with strangers.
  • Let them know not to give out info about themselves. Like their phone numbers, where they go to school.  And not to email their picture to anyone they don’t know. Also not to give anyone any password of theirs.

There are lots of ways to help your kids learn about online safety. Wikipedia also has some info and links to places you can look at to help you.


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