Halloween And The Safety Queen

Halloween is around the corner, which means it’s time to get your thinking caps on for Halloween Costume ideas. I’m sure your kids are driving you mad with ideas of what they can be. And depending on their age they either want your input or don’t. I know that Halloween can either be fun and panic free, or fun and completely worrying.  It really all depends on what age your child is. 888casino uae Trick or treating slowly becomes a social event for the older kids and being around mommy and daddy (let’s face it) just isn’t very cool.

So now is the time to get everything organized so that this one night that most kids plan for the whole year, goes smoothly and the way that you want (without the kids knowing it). بطاقة اونو The costumes are the easy part, because for the most part they can be who they want to be with a few little tips from you.  It’s the safety of them that is more concerning. I mean, having a bunch of kids all out at the same time wearing costumes that disguise them, and knocking on strangers doors is frankly, just plain old frightening.  A fear that they won’t understand until they are fully grown. And there is such a way to tell them without taking their innocents away. They need to know how serious their safety is but the words you use need to be kid friendly and understanding.

This is why I wrote a story about Halloween. So you can get your point across in a fun and friendly manner.  It’s a great way to tell them what you want from them without sounding like you’re ruining their fun night. سباق الخيل السعودي You are being fun and parental at the same time! So take a look at the story and leave a comment. I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with Halloween!

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