Getting Lost And Wondering Into Danger

Times are scary now and kids can disappear in a second. اسرار لعبة texas holdem poker I remember when I was younger and I lived in Zaire I disappeared for a while. لعبة بلوت My dad took me to watch horse racing and for whatever reason, I had more interest in walking around and creating mischief.

Without him knowing I slowly slipped away from him and wondered off to the stables. I found a horse that was being closed off with barbed wire and somehow managed to climb in. After a few minutes, my dad realized that I was missing and went looking for me.

He saw a big crowd forming by the stables and his heart automatically dropped as he heard the commotion and words being spread amongst each other. They were all gasping with panic and saying that this child is going to get killed…she will not survive.

A father has instincts, and he knew in his gut that whatever was behind the crowd, I was involved. بوكر اونلاين So he made his way through. Budging passed everyone in panic; he finally saw what was causing such terror amongst the crowd. ..

There were signs telling people not to go near the horse as he was wild and dangerous. And inside the stable, behind the barbed wire was a girl with her thumb and pointer finger inside the horses nostrils pulling him down to her level.  And who was that girl? Yep, it was me! I have no idea what I thought I was doing only that I couldn’t reach him and I wanted to pet him. Luckily, the horse was calm with me.

So my dad very carefully, without showing panic in his voice talked to me. He told me to come to him and to let the horse go. So I listened to my dad and climbed out. As doing so the horse followed me and leaned over the barbed wire (even though it was digging into his neck) and nayed at me. I was extremely lucky that day. And it was actually quite incredible that the horse sensed that I was a child and did nothing to me. And from that day on, I refer to myself as the horse whisperer ;0) only joking!

But that was an example in Africa and I was lucky to have been found by my dad. But here in America it’s different. Kids need to know who to look for and who NOT to talk to. So this story I wrote is about just that!

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