About Me

Yolanda's Children StoriesI’m a true believer that each person has their own gift and reason in life, and no matter what you do with your time, you will be lead to the path you were born to take. My path has always been around children.

I have always had a knack with them. An ability to be patient, kind, parental, and understanding. I always knew as a teenager that I wanted to work with kids and when I moved from London to Florida, I had the opportunity to do just that.

I worked in a preschool where I spent my mornings floating in between classrooms, and then the afternoons running an aftercare program. روليت الفرنسي I was lucky enough to work with all age groups and I loved every minute of it. eis sms رسائل

After spending 7 years with the same preschool, I decided that I wanted to take another leap in life and moved to California. I wanted to test the waters and see what else I was good at. But once again, my path lead me to children. I met a lady who was looking for a nanny for her lovely 1 year old boy. And so there began a great year with a great family and a particularly special boy.

After a year, it was clear that this lovely boy needed more and it was time for him to venture on into preschool, thus leading me onto a different path completely outside of childcare.

I worked for an orthopedics doctor on the front desk, answering phone calls and taking appointments. As my Doctor would tell me, I was the gate opener. Without me there wouldn’t be as many patients as it was my job to be kind and welcoming and good with people. All traits I learnt from working with kids. دانيال الفيس

And as much as I loved working where I was, I always felt like I could offer so much more. I started to write children stories in my spare time.

I was able to put my experiences and knowledge into stories. I realized that I had an ability to form a story for kids that they could not only understand but also enjoy and have fun, whilst learning at the same time.

So I began to read them to kids and saw how much they loved them and interacted with me as I became animated with my words. They were enjoying them and learning at the same time. I felt rewarded and lucky and my heart melted when I began to see them take note of what I wrote, and implement it to their everyday life.

It is a great honor in life to be part of a child’s learning curve. To watch them see things for the first time and enjoy things in such an innocent way. Everyone is brought into this world with no concept of what is right or wrong. Or having the ability to understand the emotions they feel. And being able to contribute to that learning curve is truly an admiration.