Beach, Sunbathing, With a Side Of Lice!

So I went to the beach this weekend with some friends that I hadn’t seen in a while. I had recently purchased a hat that looked great on me and decided it was time to show it off.  Looking stylish and pale, I decided to put my hat aside and allow my skin to feel some rays (fully lathered up with sunscreen of course). Whilst on my tanning mission a friend of a friend asked if she could wear my hat. I hadn’t met this girl before, but gave her the benefit of the doubt that her hair was “bug free”. Especially, as she also so kindly mentioned that her hair was clean. After about an hour of tanning, it was time to cover up.  Which meant it was time for this girl to return my hat. So off of her head, and onto mine it went.  A moment in time that I wish I could have erased.

Sunday passes and I am thoroughly thrilled and excited about this new fab tan I got. I’m now able to wear my summer clothing and my summer colors that go great with a tan. Monday comes and I’m stylish, tanned, and all of a sudden, terribly...ITCHY!!!  Pushing it aside, I decide that my head is itchy because it needs a wash and that it couldn’t possibly be anything else. Until, 10pm that night I get a text message informing me that, the girl I lent my hat to has lice. I take a moment to soak in what I am reading, and once it’s fully soaked in, I start to panic. I mean lice I can handle, but at 10pm when I’m in my pj’s and cozying up in my duvet…not so much!!

Then all of a sudden I go on automatic mode.  I tell myself to get it together and handle the situation. Lice may not be a normal thing but it is a common thing.  And there is a way to get rid of it. First things first…I need to have my hair checked. So I go downstairs and ask a roommate to check my hair for eggs or lice. She tells me she has never done this before and isn’t entirely sure what she is looking for. I inform her that nits (the eggs that lice lay) are whitish colored and will be attached to a strand of a hair. Sometimes, it is mistaken for dandruff but the major difference between the two is that dandruff moves and nits don’t. I tell her to look behind my ears, along the back of my neck, and also the center of my head. As these places will be where they lay their eggs.

The thing about this though, was that it was too soon to tell if I had anything. I didn’t have any eggs yet, which was a good sign. But I still could have lice. So off to Walgreens I went. I purchased nix. Which is a lice removal shampoo. I washed my hair with normal shampoo and then towel dried my hair and put the treatment in. I let it sit in my hair for 10 minutes and then washed it out and combed my hair, section to section to remove anything that may be in there. Then it was time to wash my clothes. Everything had to go into the wash. What a pain that was! But what has to be done has to be done.

So cross fingers that I got rid of everything that was forming a village on my head. I will have to check again a week from now and just the thought of it makes me itchy!! But I learnt my lesson! Never again will I share my hat!!

Oh and I have a great story about lice for kids. Just sign in with your email address and it will be there waiting for you. Trust me, at some point in time you will need it ;0)


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