Brushing Your Teeth Can Be Fun!

You know the importance of getting your kids to brush their teeth. But sadly, they don’t seem to get why they need to do it so often. In their eyes they did it yesterday and that is good enough. It’s an annoyance to them. There are so many things they have to do when they wake up and when they go to bed, why do they have to take time to brush their teeth? They’d rather play in the sink with some bubbles, or with their new toy that uncle Bob got for them yesterday.

So it’s time to make brushing fun! Off to the supermarket you go. They get to choose what toothbrush they want and what flavor toothpaste too. Sometimes it’s a good idea to have them choose a couple of different toothbrushes along with the flavor of toothpaste, so that they don’t get bored and they can jazz it up each day.

Having them watch you brush your teeth is also a good way to encourage. Making it into a family routine can be fun for them and something they start to look forward to. كم عمر كريم بنزيما “If mommy and daddy do it, I want to do it just like them.” Also getting a book that relates to brushing can show them that other kids do it too. That’s why I wrote a story about brushing and flossing. انواع كرة القدم

There was this kid that I used to babysit for. اربح المال من الالعاب And every time it was time for bed, he didn’t want to brush his teeth. It became this big thing. So I decided that there was just too much talk and perhaps too much nagging about his brushing. Slowly throughout the day I would bring it up in a casual way. Whether it were reading him a story about it and getting really animated. Or talking about all the colors that the toothpaste had. Or even making an art project about it. I made sure to input it into his everyday life so that at the end of the day he would bring it up and want to brush himself. At the end of the day, it became his idea to brush…not mine. It was so rewarding! Sometimes we would sing. I would make up silly rhymes like:

It’s time for bed but there’s something I must do

I want to brush my teeth with you

What color shall I choose the red or the white?

Oh my teeth will be so bright!!

It was great fun!! Take a look at the story I wrote and read it to your kids. But make sure to get really animated because it a lot more fun for you and them!

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