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Good question!

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Teach Your Kid A Story!

The story behind Stories and Hugs took shape several years ago. I was working as a counsellor in a children daycare program looking after kids from the age of under two years old to 10 year old.

As a parent you already know the soothing effect of a song when a child is too tired to go to sleep or needs to calm down. However powerful singing can be, then always comes a time when a song is no longer enough, and I felt the full force of this with my older kids who needed to know the reason for just about anything I was telling them.

There was a particular kid who had a tendency to be "over enthusiastic" when playing with his friends and I would tell him:

"You need to be more gentle when you play with your friends!" Only to be asked "WHY"?

So I wrote a poem and one day read it to him. His reaction was amazing and it felt as if these few words had just put into their right perspective the message I wanted to convey.

Thus began my story writing life, and there are stories about everything that make teaching a kid some of life's tougher lessons much easier!