Kids And Biting

Biting is something that most parents deal with at some point with their child. As much as you wish you didn’t, it is a behavior that is common. They do it as a form of expression but to you they are acting out. كيفية السحب من payeer However, if they are at their teething stages’ then biting is a way to comfort their gums. It really is a matter of you figuring out why your child is biting.

If your child is an infant then he/she is discovering new things. They are figuring out that when they bite someone they get a reaction, like a loud scream. If your child is a toddler then he/she may be needing some attention. Maybe they haven’t had positive attention for a while or they have been alone in their rooms, or at a preschool with other friends who are grabbing all the attention. Whatever the reason for their biting it is a reaction to something going on around them.

If your child is at a preschool with other friends or even at home with a brother or sister and they are at a stage where they want to stand out and be independent. Biting for them can be a way of controlling a situation. Sometimes as parents or guardians we have to try and put ourselves in a child’s shoes and truly ask ourselves what’s going on. Kids think differently to us and it at times can seem like a foreign language.

Stress and frustration are also other reasons why a kid may bite. There are ways of dealing with it. سكرل For instance if you notice that your child is biting at preschool whilst playing with a toy, then talk one on one with the teacher and ask that he/she provides 2 of each toy. الربح من الانترنت في مصر Because a child that age doesn’t understand the meaning of sharing. We teach them every day and they learn but sometimes they don’t understand and that’s ok.

Reading them stories are also good ways to teach. We all know that kids love to sit on our laps and have one on one time and look at pictures. Take a look at the story I wrote and enjoy some one on one time with your child :0)

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