It’s All About The Morals

I went to the midnight showing of twilight last night. Not something I would do on a normal occasion but my sister asked if I could take her and her friend, so I said yes.

I found myself being one of the oldest people there with the exception of a few other adults accompanying their minors. We arrived early (an hour and a half hours early to be exact) so we were fortunate to choose our seats wisely.

As the seats started to fill up I found myself thinking how lucky I was that I didn’t have anyone next to me.  A thought that came too soon. As the previews were getting ready to start, in come these two young girls aged, I would say 15-16. Full of conversation, giggles, and both their bright cell phones beaming in the theatre, they sat themselves down…right next to me!

I kept telling myself that they were just getting situated and that soon they would settle down and watch the movie. That they couldn’t possibly be that inconsiderate and talk throughout the whole film and ruin it for the 150+ people there. Boy was I wrong!!

These two girls kept up a conversation throughout the entire film. They read out emails to each other, watched videos on their phones with each other. Talked about school and their friends (who I feel like I now have known for years). I left that theatre knowing more about those two girls than the film I watched.

I found myself so frustrated and asked myself, have these girls not been taught about morals? And if so, they could certainly do with a few lessons on morals and perhaps I should read them some of my stories about morals.

How could they not see that their behavior wasn’t right? At one point one of the girls put her feet up on the chair in front of her and there was a lady sitting there. But the girl didn’t seem to care or budge her dirty shoes from this ladies head.  I stared in absolute disbelief. Could these girls really be this unaware? And if they were aware, how can they care so little?

It’s situations like this that make me pleased I write moral stories for kids. I know that kids like to show off to their friends and do things that get them to standout. And perhaps do things that they would never do if their parents were around. But their are times where I question how much have they been taught about morals when they are away from home? Or even better, in what ways were they shown or taught? There are so many great ways to show kids how to do things.

It is so important that parents teach their kids morals. Show them and set a good example of how to behave well. Kids are allowed to make mistakes and in fact they are expected to. But if they are never taught about morals and shown how to correct certain actions or behaviors then they will never learn.

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