Having a hard time to get your child to read?

Here are 5 easy ways to get your child to WANT to read:

1)      Have them come with you to pick out a book of their choice that appeals to them. Watch them as they are drawn to certain books to get an idea of what books they like. By the type of pictures they have to the coloring and so forth.

2)      Buy enough books and have them all around their room. Kids should have easy access to books and there should be lots of them.

3)      Allow them to see you read on your spare time. You could even have bonding time with them in bed. You read your book, while they read theirs.

4)      When you read to them be creative and expressive. No kid likes to listen to someone robotic and expressionless. Get animated and bring some excitement into the book. You could even add their name in, here and there to make it personal.

5)      Lastly talk to them about what they are reading. This will have them wanting to talk about it to you and get them thinking and excited about new things they are learning.

3 thoughts on “Having a hard time to get your child to read?

  1. I am lucky that both of my kids love to read. It’s true, parents need to participate in reading books so the kids will see that you’re interested as well. I’ve seen electronic toys that suppose to read to kids but I still prefer the old traditional way of reading to my kids when they were younger. And now that they can read chapter books by themselves, I still prefer that they read actual books than having them read it over kindle or iPad. Excellent tips, Yolanda!
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  2. You have a lot of great tips, my son is six and he has a lot of reading homework. Working with him I can see and remember how hard it is to learn how to read if you doing not find it fun. Also if you do not have others willing to help with their learning. For my younger ones I let them make up the story by looking at the picture and singht learning a word that may reapeat itself in that book. They get a kick out of that. I love what you do for the developement of kids, thank you for what you do. – TTYL
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  3. It’s a good thing that you’ve mentioned “be creative and expressive.” More often than not, children will not have the interest to listen to your stories if you are doing it in a boring way. So for them to listen to you, put your imagination to work and express the story in a way that it will make it exciting and fun.

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