Dick Morris Writes A Kid’s Book

It’s a great thing that education just never stops.

Dick Morris has now released a new kid’s book "Dubs Goes To Washington". His aim is to educate kids around the world about American history.  The books are all based around a dog named Dubs who loses his tennis ball somewhere in Washington D.C.  He takes you on an adventure with him through the state to show you the historical places and educates the kids on the things that kids these days should know but sadly don’t.

I believe his aim is to make it into a series of books, where each one focuses on one state. He feels that the kids are not being educated enough about the history of America and felt that he needed to stand up and take action.

I haven’t read the book but based on the idea with the dog I think that it will be a hit. What kid doesn’t like dogs? The fact that the ball goes missing and “we” being the readers must go looking for it makes the read all that much exciting.  I think the idea will engage the kids to want to go on the ball hunt and get them excited as they take that education, yet fun, journey with Dubs.

Take a look at the book.

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