Turkey Month – Personalized Name Holders

Welcome back to day 4! :0)

Today’s craft – Personalized Name Holders

Everyone knows what name holders are and how easy it is to print one out from the comp and get your kids to just color it in. But I think that making them FROM SCRATCH is SO much better. Wouldn’t you agree? ;0)

Let’s begin…

In order for these name holders to be sturdy you will need to use card instead of construction paper. First you will need to cut out the shape of a rectangle. This is where you will be putting the name of the person. So you will want it to be a decent size. You can also get funky with the shape; it doesn’t have to be a rectangle. It can be a cloud, heart, triangle whatever your heart desires, or your kids I should say :0)

Next you will want to make the body. Which can be either a turkey or a pilgrim or even a cornucopia? Depending on your child’s age it’s always good to let them draw it themselves. Obviously, if they are younger then you will guide them and help, but try and let them draw it the way they feel it looks or should look.

Then you will want to glue it or staple or tape (depending on the stationary you have) to the actual name plate you made.

Now for the tricky part…

You want it to somehow stand up by itself. Well that part is actually really easy. All you need to do is cut out a long strip of card (thin and rectangle size). Fold it in half and stick one side to the name holder and then the other half should be hanging loose.

TADAAAA – We now have our fabulosous name holders!

Easy peasy my lemon squeezies ;0)

Until tomorrow my turkey amigo’s


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